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Feature comparison
Cloud Hosting
Managed Server
Web Hosting Control Panel DirectAdmin ApisCP/DirectAdmin/Plesk
Scalability Yes Yes (Cloud servers)
Dedicated IPv4 Available Included
Name servers Standard only Standart or Custom
Web server LiteSpeed Apache/LiteSpeed
Custom software No Yes
Custom configuration No Yes
Price from 0.79 €/mo from 22.39 €/mo
Popular products Custom hosting plans CPU optimized servers
Basic hosting plans RAM optimized servers
Managed servers, whether they are bare metal boxes or instances based on virtualization, cloud infractructure, provide solutions for individuals and companies who have custom web hosting requirements. The main advantage of owning a separate server for your project is isolated, safe environment and ability to fully tune it's hardware and software to fit your needs. We monitor system services for availability 24/7 and take care of your data's safety, including backups, system updates, custom firewalls and other security solutions. Typical managed server usage cases are:
  • Corporate websites, databases, emails
  • E-commerce websites
  • Web portals, forums
  • Reseller web hosting

You can pick ApisCP, DirectAdmin or Plesk web hosting control panel. VERO servers are mainly located in Germany data centers. We also provide servers in Asia (Hong Kong, India/Mumbai, Israel/Tel Aviv, Japan/Tokyo, Singapore), South Africa (Johannesburg), South America (Brazil/São Paulo) and the US (VA). Use the slider to see a few available server configurations or contact us for more options.
Cloud hosting is different from common shared hosting in a way, that data is duplicated over multiple physical locations and system resources are scalable. There are no visible changes in user interface, apart from website's better performance as now it uses dedicated CPU and RAM resources. That is especially important for Wordpress websites with growing amount of content and plugins, as they tend to become heavier over time and more hardware resources may be required to keep them speedy. VERO SERVERS cloud hosting plans are already tuned for Wordpress hosting. Main advantages of cloud hosting service we offer:
  • LiteSpeed Enterprise web server
  • Dedicated, scalable hardware resources
  • Dedicated IPs available
  • Web applications installer

Cloud hosting accounts come with DirectAdmin control panel and web applications installer Installatron. It allows to install any popular content management system, like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and many others with a single click. You can also select any available PHP version (7.2 - 8.0) and configure PHP options. Domain names can be registered as well.
We provide accounts with different European IP addresses for customers, who are working on their websites search engine performance improvement or have any other specific requirements for IP address space to deal with. This type of web hosting is greatlly appreciated by experienced digital marketing professionals as a sure mean to achieve their goals. "C" class type addresses used to be popular for their price and availability, but as network classes are not used anymore in Internet addressing architecture for quite long time, IP CIDR ranges have to be checked instead, as mentioning IP class does not provide any actual valuable information. Term "classes" should only be used to compare offers of different providers. What we offer is:
  • The rarest - so called "A" class European addresses
  • IP addresses checked for usage history
  • Private name servers available
  • Custom configurations available

IPs belong to European companies and are geolocated mainly in Germany and other European countries: Italy, France, Finland, Netherlands, Spain and UK. "B" and "C" class type IP addresses are also available on demand, but our "A" class addresses have the best value.

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